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I had bought stock from Surindo Furniture from Indonesia. I paid 3000 $ in advance In July 2013 for order of 10000 $ and I told that I am coming there is check furniture they had confirm that every thing will be ready once you will be here so we can load container. I had also confirm that I am flying there on July 11th so we can check furniture and load container once we load container we will pay you rest amount 7000 $ at the time of loading.

When I was there on July 11th there were no items ready. Then after couple day they took me to factory where old junk was stored I reject those item and told then to manage new items they had promised me that they will do new stock. once I left they too 2 months to finish my order. after so many times of long argument they send me goods as they don't want to send me my money back.

when I got container I found junk furniture with all termite infected items, broken items when I send email they respond me back with says don't complain.

I like to post this fraud supplier online so no one else will trapped in their trap.

here is their website http://surindo-furniture.com

Please don't trapped in with these people

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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This man stole $10,000 from us from a chair order we placed with him and Surindo-Furniture years ago. He promised to pay it back and disappeared.

Only HALF the quantity were delivered, and these had legs that snapped off because they were poorly made. We were sued by three customers who fell out of these when used.



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